[message_box title=”Severity 1 ** (PLEASE CALL FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE)” color=”red”]Production server or other mission critical system(s) are down and no workaround is immediately available.

All or a substantial portion of your mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption.
You have had a substantial loss of service.
Your business operations have been severely disrupted.

[message_box title=”Severity 2 (RESPONSE TIME 30 min – 3 hr)” color=”red”]Major functionality is severely impaired.

Operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected.
A major milestone is at risk. Ongoing and incremental installations are affected.
A temporary workaround is available.

[message_box title=”Severity 3 ( RESPONSE TIME 4 – 8 hrs )” color=”yellow”]Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the software.

Impaired operations of some components, but allows the user to continue using the software.
Initial installation milestones are at minimal risk.
[message_box title=”Severity 4 ( RESPONSE TIME 8 – 24 hrs )” color=”green”]General usage questions.

Cosmetic issues, including errors in the documentation.