TELSEQ IT Solutions Toronto

TELSEQ IT Solutions is a Toronto based IT firm that focuses on all aspects of your technology needs so that you can concentrate on your business. With TELSEQ, we provide industry-specific solutions that respond to your evolving business requirements, giving you the agility to meet tomorrows demands. Being a customer means your technology and data are entrusted with industry professionals who work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get maximum ROI from your IT infrastructure – lower operating and capital expenses, simplified maintenance procedures, increased productivity and reliability – while at the same time reducing your organization’s environmental footprint by increasing your infrastructure’s energy efficiency.

Our primary focus is around virtualization & cloud, data management, networks and it solutions. Our deliverables are built upon designing world class systems for our clients, deployment through services, validation of those designs and finally the ongoing monitoring and management of those systems.

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IT Solutions we offer in Toronto:

[column col=”1/3″]Microsoft Partner - IT Solutions Toronto
HP Partner - IT Solutions Toronto
Cisco Partner - IT Solutions Toronto[/column]
[column col=”1/3″]VMware Partner - IT Solutions Toronto
NETAPP Partner - IT Solutions Toronto
CITRIX Partner - IT Solutions Toronto[/column]